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Embracing Innovation in Healthcare: Virtual Consultations at Dr. Derme


Embracing Innovation in Healthcare: Virtual Consultations at Dr. Derme

Embracing Innovation in Healthcare: Virtual Consultations at Dr. Derme

The Rise of Virtual Healthcare

During the pandemic, the necessity to shift to virtual healthcare marked the beginning of a new era in medical consultations. As discussed by Dr. Thuva Amuthan of Dr. Derme clinics in the April 2022 Health & Wellbeing magazine, virtual consultations will continue to play a crucial role post-pandemic. Dr. Amuthan remarks, “Where appropriate, virtual consultations provide an efficient method to handle clinical issues without the need for in-person appointments.”

Why Choose Virtual Consultations?

Virtual consultations offer several advantages:

  • Convenience: Patients can receive medical advice from the comfort of their homes, saving both time and resources.
  • Efficiency: Rapid handling of queries allows for quicker responses to patient needs.
  • Accessibility: Especially beneficial for those with mobility challenges or residing in remote locations.

How Dr. Derme Clinics Utilise Virtual Consultations

At Dr. Derme clinics, virtual consultations have been seamlessly integrated into our services. Patients can effortlessly make enquiries and submit images for initial assessments via our website or directly through WhatsApp. This enables our specialists to provide prompt feedback, advice, and treatment options, particularly for skin and hair concerns.

Specialised Treatments Offered

Dr. Derme clinics specialise in a broad spectrum of dermatological treatments, featuring innovative solutions for skin and hair care. Our bespoke treatments ensure that each patient receives the most effective care suited to their specific needs.

Booking Your Virtual Consultation

Ready to experience the future of healthcare? Book your virtual consultation today at Dr. Derme Clinics and begin your journey towards enhanced health with us. Our user-friendly platforms ensure that making an appointment and receiving expert care is just a few clicks away.



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