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Enhancing Skin Health: Insights from At-Home Health Tests


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Enhancing Skin Health: Insights from At-Home Health Tests

The growing trend of at-home health tests offers a convenient way to monitor various health conditions, including those that affect skin health and ageing. Dr. Thuva Amuthan shares insights on how these tests, combined with professional healthcare advice, can inform and improve your skin care regimen.


In today’s fast-paced world, at-home health tests have become a popular means for individuals to manage their health, including skin-related issues. These tests can provide valuable insights into conditions that affect the skin, such as vitamin deficiencies and blood sugar levels, which are crucial for maintaining skin vitality and preventing premature ageing.

The Value of Specific At-Home Tests

Vitamin D Tests: “For those feeling frequently tired and weak, we always recommend getting tested, but for this one, it needs a professional to read the results,” explains Dr. Thuva Amuthan. He highlights the importance of accurately assessing vitamin D levels, which are vital for skin health, aiding in skin repair and maintenance.

Blood Sugar Tests: Dr. Amuthan comments on the reliability of home blood sugar tests, stating, “The machine used is pretty easy to operate at home,” and underscores their importance in diagnosing conditions like diabetes, which can affect the skin.

The Risks and Limitations

Dr. Amuthan cautions about the limitations of home testing kits, particularly when they are used without professional oversight. He notes, “though there has been huge progress with patient testing kits over the last decade, it is important to understand that the result of any test only gives us part of the picture. The skill is in interpreting the results in the context of other clinical factors.”

Expert Advice

For skin health concerns specifically, Dr. Amuthan advises against relying solely on at-home tests without following up with a healthcare provider. He warns, “allergy tests can very often give false positives,” illustrating the need for professional consultation, especially when interpreting complex results that could impact skin health.


At-home health tests can provide a snapshot of your health that might impact your skin, but they are best used in conjunction with professional advice. Dr. Amuthan and the team at Dr. Derme Clinic encourage anyone interested in using these tests as part of their skincare routine to consult with a specialist to fully understand and effectively address their skin health needs.

For more detailed guidance and to explore how these insights can be tailored to your unique skin conditions, consider booking a consultation at Dr. Derme Clinic.



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