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Essential Hygiene Tips for Preventing Skin Irritations and Infections


Essential Hygiene Tips for Preventing Skin Irritations and Infections

Essential Hygiene Tips for Preventing Skin Irritations and Infections

In today’s health-conscious world, maintaining proper hygiene routines is crucial not just for cleanliness but also for protecting our skin’s health. Dr. Thuva Amuthan of Dr. Derme Clinic offers expert insights on how regular laundering of personal items can prevent common skin irritations and infections, as featured in a recent Daily Mail article.

Why Regular Laundry is Crucial for Skin Health

Dr. Amuthan advises that items like jeans should not be worn more than six times without washing. He highlights the importance of this routine, explaining, “Jeans, though made of thicker fabric, come into direct contact with the skin, collecting dead skin cells and absorbing sweat. This can lead to skin issues such as acne and rashes from bacteria and fungi build-up.”

The Importance of Bedding Hygiene

When it comes to bedding, Dr. Amuthan recommends washing sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers weekly. “We shed around 12 million dead skin cells per night and lose 200 ml of sweat,” he notes, underscoring the need for frequent washing to prevent the accumulation of microbes that can cause skin irritations and infections.

Special Care for Intimate Apparel

Highlighting the importance of laundering bras after every couple of wears, Dr. Amuthan points out that “the fabric of your bra will be absorbing sweat and the band or wire will sit in an area that’s prone to sweating and could cause irritation or pressure sores.” This makes frequent washing crucial to prevent fungal infections and skin irritation, especially under the breasts.

Sock Hygiene

Addressing the cleanliness of bed socks, Dr. Amuthan mentions, “Our feet are one of the sweatiest parts of our body, and all socks—worn for bed or otherwise—should be treated the same.” He advises frequent washing to prevent foot fungus, a stubborn issue once it develops.


Maintaining a rigorous laundry routine for clothing and bedding is key to preventing potential triggers for skin rashes and infections. By following these expert recommendations from Dr. Amuthan, individuals can ensure their skin remains healthy and free from irritants.

Visit Dr. Derme Clinic for more advice on skincare and to learn how to incorporate effective hygiene practices into your daily routine.

Read more about Dr. Thuva Amuthan’s advice in the full article on Daily Mail.



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