• Microneedling

    Single session £175

    Three sessions £450

    Six sessions £850

  • ZO 3 step chemical peel

    Single session £250

    Three peels £600

    Consultation required

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

    or Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)

    Single session £300

    Three sessions £750

  • Skin boosters

    Profhilo face, neck, per arm or hand

    Single treatment £300

    Two treatments £550

  • Lines and wrinkles

    1 area £150
    2 areas £200
    3 areas £250
    Additional areas £50
    (Brow lift, bunny lines, gummy smile, downturned corners of mouth (lip flip) and pebble chin)

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  • Specialist treatments

    Bruxism treatment £300

    Jawline slimming £300

    Neck rejuvenation £300

    Excessive sweating

    (both underarms) £300

  • Lip filler

    1ml £220

    2ml £400

  • Cheek filler

    1ml £300

    2ml £450

  • Peri-oral sculpting

    Nose to mouth lines (Nasolabial), corner of the mouth lines (Marionette), chin contouring, jowls

    1ml £250 2 ml £400

  • Dark circles or sunken eyes (Tear trough) £350

    Temple, forehead, frown or crows feet £450

    Nose job (Non-surgical rhinoplasty) £450
    Jawline contouring 2 ml £450 4 ml £800

  • Fat dissolving

    Desoface £220 for double chin per session

    Desobody £320 per area per session

    Additional areas £210

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  • Weight loss pen

    Slim pen or skinny pen are injections that suppress your appetite to help with weight loss.

    Price on consultation


"Great services, plenty of information given and also lots of needed reassurance. Numbing cream given plenty of time in advance so as little discomfort and pain as possible with lips! Very happy with end results they are perfect! Thank you Dr.Derme! 👄"