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Pioneering Folliculitis Treatment for Skin of Colour


Pioneering Folliculitis Treatment for Skin of Colour

Pioneering Folliculitis Treatment for Skin of Colour

At Dr. Derme Clinic, we understand the unique challenges presented by folliculitis, especially in patients with skin of colour (SOC). Our feature in a recent article from Aesthetics Journal highlights our advanced approach to managing this common yet often complex skin condition, ensuring tailored and effective treatments for all skin types.


Folliculitis affects many individuals at various stages of life and can present differently across different ethnicities due to physiological differences in skin and hair. At Dr. Derme Clinic, we specialise in understanding these nuances, particularly in SOC patients, ensuring our treatments are effective and considerate of specific dermatological needs.

The Unique Challenges of Treating SOC

Our clinic recognises that Afro-Caribbean, Asian, and Caucasian hair types each have distinct characteristics that influence the presentation of skin conditions like folliculitis. For example, the curlier to coiled nature of Afro-Caribbean hair can lead to specific challenges such as ingrown hairs, which exacerbate folliculitis. Our treatments are adapted to address these specific concerns, from the initial diagnosis to the management strategies we recommend.

Advanced Treatment Options

We offer a range of treatment modalities that consider the physiological makeup of SOC. These include:

  • Laser Hair Removal: To reduce hair ingrowth and subsequent folliculitis.
  • Topical Treatments: Tailored antiseptic and anti-inflammatory applications to soothe irritated skin.
  • Oral Medications: When topical treatments are insufficient, especially in severe cases.

Special Considerations for Folliculitis in SOC

Understanding the compact dermis and higher levels of sebaceous glands in SOC is crucial in our approach. These factors can lead to more pronounced symptoms and a higher susceptibility to pigmentation and scarring. Our clinic employs specific strategies to mitigate these risks, ensuring that our treatments provide both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.

Our Commitment to Education and Advocacy

Dr. Derme Clinic is committed to spreading awareness about the differences in treating SOC patients. We aim to enhance the dermatological care landscape through education, ensuring that all patients receive informed and sensitive care tailored to their skin type.


If you are struggling with folliculitis or any skin condition that affects your quality of life, consider booking a consultation at Dr. Derme Clinic. We are dedicated to providing bespoke dermatological solutions, particularly for those with skin of colour, ensuring everyone can enjoy healthy, beautiful skin.

Discover more about our targeted treatments and read our feature in the Aesthetics Journal here to understand our comprehensive approach to skin health.



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