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Comprehensive Post-COVID Skin and Hair Care at Dr. Derme Clinic


Embracing Innovation in Healthcare: Virtual Consultations at Dr. Derme

Comprehensive Post-COVID Skin and Hair Care at Dr. Derme Clinic

Understanding COVID Skin

The aftermath of COVID-19 has introduced various health challenges, notably affecting skin and hair. Recognised commonly as ‘COVID skin,’ these issues encompass a range of symptoms from rashes to severe hair loss, emerging in the wake of the virus. At Dr. Derme Clinics, we focus on alleviating these dermatological conditions with specialised care.

Insights from Dr. Thuva Amuthan

Featured in the Health & Wellbeing magazine’s May 2022 issue, Dr. Thuva Amuthan shared critical insights into managing long COVID’s impact. “Those suffering from long COVID may need a referral to multidisciplinary assessment service or specialist care,” he explained, highlighting the necessity for comprehensive treatment approaches. While emphasizing physical health, Dr. Amuthan also pointed out the importance of supporting mental health and facilitating a smoother transition back to daily activities.

Tailored Hair Loss Treatments

At Dr. Derme Clinics, our expertise in treating skin and hair conditions associated with long COVID is unparalleled. For those experiencing hair loss post-COVID, our clinic offers advanced PRP hair loss injections. These treatments are scientifically designed to rejuvenate your scalp, encouraging hair regrowth and restoring hair density.

Dedicated Skin Care for COVID-Affected Skin

‘COVID skin’ can manifest through various symptoms like persistent rashes or unexpected acne outbreaks. Our clinic provides personalised skin care treatments to manage these conditions effectively, using medical-grade products and innovative dermatological procedures to enhance your skin’s health and appearance.

Book Your Consultation Today

We understand the complexities of post-COVID recovery and are here to help. If you are struggling with skin or hair issues labelled as ‘COVID skin,’ please book a consultation at Dr. Derme. Our goal is to support your recovery through targeted treatments that not only address your symptoms but also improve your overall well-being.

Visit Dr. Derme Clinics, where expert care meets compassionate service, helping you to not just recover but thrive post-COVID.



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