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Skin Tag Removal

We use cutting-edge techniques to administer painless skin tag removal in our London and Birmingham clinics. While our preferred method of cautery skin tag removal delivers faster results, we also offer the cryotherapy method. 

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Procedure Time

15 to 30 minutes


Complete skin tag removal



Time To Work

Same day


Topical anaesthetic



What is skin tag removal?

Skin tags are those annoying fleshy accumulations of skin that can appear just about anywhere on the body. However, most of the skin tags we remove are located on the face, neck, arms, groin, under the breasts, and the limbs. 

There are three main forms of skin tag removal procedure: Cautery, snip excision, and cryotherapy. The excision method involves the use of sterile scissors to cut off the excess skin. The wound is then cauterised to stop any bleeding and prevent infection. The cautery method involves “burning off” the skin tag with a very fine tip — a procedure known as electrosurgery. Cryotherapy is a procedure that uses liquid nitrogen to “freeze off” the tag. Here at Dr Derme, our preferred method of skin tag removal is cautery. 

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How does cautery skin tag removal work?

Before administering any skin tag removal treatment, the doctor will carefully examine the area to make sure it’s a skin tag. A dermoscope is used to assess the lesion to ensure it’s not cancerous.

Cautery skin tag removal, also known as electrocautery, involves using an electric current to burn off the skin tag. During the procedure, a small electric probe or needle is applied to the skin tag, which effectively burns and destroys the tissue. This method is quick and efficient, causing minimal bleeding and discomfort. We prefer the cautery method as it removes the entire lesion there and then.

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Why choose us for skin tag removal?

Our comfortable, state-of-the-art clinics in London and Birmingham have everything you need for successful and relatively painless skin tag removal. We’re one of the UK’s leading aesthetic clinics because we always strive to deliver a premium service.

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Why we prefer the cautery method of skin tag removal

Although we offer cryotherapy and incision skin tag removal, cautery is our preferred method for a number of reasons:

Precision: Electrocautery provides precise removal, targeting only the skin tag without affecting surrounding tissues — ensuring minimal scarring.

Efficiency: Electrocautery allows for quick and efficient removal of skin tags, making it a convenient option for patients.

Minimal discomfort: Patients typically experience minimal discomfort during the procedure, and local anaesthesia can be used to alleviate any potential pain.

Versatility: Cautery methods can also be used to remove other skin growths, such as warts and moles, offering versatility in dermatological treatments.

Convenience: The cautery method allows our doctor to remove the entire skin tag in just one session. All you need to do is wait for it to heal.

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Undergo your skin tag removal treatment at one of Birmingham's leading aesthetic clinics. Following the treatment, we provide will all the aftercare advice to get the best results. We are here for you with any follow-up queries: