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The Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen for Children



The Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen for Children

As featured in a recent article, Dr. Thuva Amuthan of Dr. Derme Clinic shares crucial advice on selecting the best sunscreen for children, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive skin protection during the sunny months.


With children spending more time outdoors, especially during school holidays, protecting their sensitive skin from harmful UV rays becomes paramount. Dr. Thuva Amuthan from Dr. Derme Clinic provides expert guidance on how to choose the right sunscreen for kids, as highlighted in our recent feature on

The Importance of Proper Sun Protection

Children’s skin is particularly vulnerable to the sun. Dr. Amuthan recommends not only relying on sunscreen but also using hats, sunglasses, and light clothing as comprehensive sun protection strategies. Awareness of heat exhaustion symptoms is crucial for keeping children safe while they enjoy the outdoors.

Choosing the Right Sunscreen

When selecting sunscreen for children, Dr. Amuthan advises using products with a minimum SPF of 30, increasing to SPF 50+ during peak sunlight days. The article discusses various sunscreen options that cater to different needs, from spray sunscreens for easy application to mousse and roll-on formats that appeal to young users.

Featured Sunscreens and Tips for Use

The article highlights several sunscreen products, including budget-friendly choices and formulations suitable for sensitive skin. Dr. Amuthan points out that while budget options can be effective, it’s important to choose sunscreens that provide broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection and are water-resistant, especially for active children.

Educating Parents on Sun Safety

Dr. Amuthan emphasizes the necessity of educating parents about the signs of inadequate sun protection, such as redness or peeling skin. He advises regular reapplication of sunscreen, especially after swimming or excessive sweating, to maintain effective sun protection.


Protecting children’s skin from the sun is a crucial aspect of their overall health. Dr. Derme Clinic is committed to educating parents and providing expert advice on the best sun care practices. For more detailed information on choosing the right sunscreen and maintaining skin health in the sun, check out the full feature on

Visit us at Dr. Derme Clinic for personalised advice and to ensure your child’s skin is protected against the sun all year round.¬†Read the full article for more detailed recommendations and tips here.



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