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Wart Removal for Children

From £99* only

Procedure Time

15 to 30 minutes


Complete removal


1 day

Time To School

1 day


Local or topical anaesthetic



Wart removal for children at Dr Derme

At Dr Derme, we want to keep children as comfortable as possible when they undergo wart removal treatments. That’s why we’ve developed a wart removal process that takes just minutes and results in minimal pain and discomfort. 

Whether you’re searching for seborrheic wart removal or plantar wart removal, our clinicians will use one of two proven methods to carefully remove the small lump of skin that is causing your child discomfort or irritation. 

To learn more or book an initial consultation, contact us today.

Wart removal for Children at Dr Derme

We understand that any type of invasive procedure can be very distressing — for both the child and the parents or carers. That’s why we always proceed with caution, taking time to put little ones at ease.

We carry out safe and hygienic wart removal for children at our fully equipped London and Birmingham clinics. Using the latest technologies, our highly experienced clinicians do everything they can to keep our clients comfortable. 

Choose us for professional wart removal in London or Birmingham, and you can expect a range of world-class benefits. 

Personalised treatments

The utmost professionalism at all times

Experienced and fully licensed doctors and clinicians

Flexible online bookings

Thorough pre-treatment consultations

Topical or local anaesthetics

Pigmentation and dull skin


Acne scarring


Stretch marks


Wrinkles and double chin


Types of wart removal treatment for children

We do everything we can to minimise the pain and distress experienced by children as they undergo wart removal procedures at our state-of-art clinics.

Cryo Wart Removal

Our experienced clinician uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart and destroy the wart tissue over time. The process typically involves three steps:

Our clinician will begin by cleaning the area around the wart to minimise the risk of infection. They may also trim the wart’s surface for better exposure.

The clinician will then apply nitrogen directly to the wart using a special applicator or spray device. The extreme cold of liquid nitrogen freezes the wart, causing a blister to form around it. This process usually takes just a few seconds 

The blister forms a scab over the wart over the next few days or weeks. Eventually, the scab falls off — along with the wart tissue. And as the healing process continues, new skin grows in its place. Healing times vary, but most warts require multiple treatments spaced several weeks apart for complete removal.

Cryo Wart Removal
Scraping Wart Removal 

Scraping Wart Removal 

Also referred to as curettage, scraping involves cutting or scraping off excess skin with a specialised instrument. The process usually involves the following steps:

Our wart removal clinician will start by cleaning and preparing the wart to reduce the risk of infection.

When administering this treatment to children, our clinician will usually apply a local anaesthetic to numb the area and minimise discomfort during the procedure.

Using a curette (a scoop-like instrument) our clinician will scrape the wart and surrounding tissues. This process removes the wart from the surface of the skin.

Bleeding Control

Our doctor will use some tried and tested methods to control the bleeding while keeping discomfort to a minimum. Cryotherapy is often used to minimise the chances of the wart coming back.

The area may be dressed with a bandage. Our clinician will then discuss any specific post-treatment instructions such as wound care with the child’s parent or guardian.

blood control warts removal for children

What to expect during your child's wart removal consultation?

Your child’s wart removal consultation will be conducted by our expert dermatology doctor.

Your child’s wart will be fully assessed. The doctor will then recommend either cryo wart removal or scraping. 

We understand that children can find this type of experience daunting, which is why we do everything we can to create a comfortable and stress-free environment.

Three simple steps to start your journey

Contact us

Make a no obligation enquiry on our website. You can attach photos for our doctors to asses so we recommend the best treatment options.

You can also WhatsApp us or call us directly on 0800 009 6109We are here to help you every step of the way.

Your Consultation

Visit your Dr.Derme clinic and meet your specialist for a consultation. During the visit, we will:

        • Complete assessment of your child's wart
        • Explain the best treatment options
        • Discuss the treatment or procedure
        • Answer all your questions

Your Treatment

Start your child's wart removal treatment at Birmingham's leading skin clinic. Following the treatment, we provide will all the aftercare advice to get the best results. We are here for you with any follow-up queries: